Progress and honest Disagreement, both are interrelated term, progress implies the positive change in present or  future pont of time while comparing it to the past or present situation respectively. And by analysing the changing agent closely, it is easy to see,  that honest disagreement with present situation is in core of this positive change.

Disagreement refers to the different even contradictory opinion about a single subject matter.And when various entities have different opinion about a subject matter, it give birth to debate and deliberation from various dimensions. And subject matters may vary from individual importance to social importance to national and international importance.It may also have metaphysical aspect as well as practicle approch.

What makes an disagreement an honest disagreement- Before knowing the importance of disagreement, It is necessary to understand that, what are factors, which makes a disagreement an honest disagreement? Since an honest disagreement must be based on genuine and reasonable ground on prior basis.And it must be keep in mind that, disagreement is not a battle, where one has to always win. An honest disagreement give due respect to opposite view while presenting own view with reasonable and solid arguments. Most of time, it means to compromise by both parties on their stand to reach a widely accepted view point or path by including most relevant aspect of different opinion.

Likewise, in past, disagreement by various economist on socialist form of economy and role of government in market and economy. And this disagreement resulted into debate over benefits and drawbacks of socialism as well as capitalist form of economy and govt role. In modern world, while market and economies are largely capitalist but noone can deny the importance of state for welfare of people and facilitator of business . It was a compromise between both ideologies. Since, capitalism is necessary to enhance the capital formation, technological advancement and wealth generation in an economy for development purpose. while state role as socialist element  and facilitator ensures that deprived and marginalised section do not leave behind in this progress, and sustainability of environment and inclusiveness of economic growth can be ensured.

And if, disagreement are not based rational and logical argument, they become verbal and hollow in nature. The debate based on these agreement are mostly to defeat other’s ideology or viewpoint, rather than presenting their own viewpoint. It becomes win or loss game and resulted into conflict and chaos, which eventually hinder the smooth progressive process at various level from individual to social to economic.

At individual level, unreasonable argument between husband and wife causes the weakened family ties and relationship. In recent time, Indian public has witnessed that how many times, progressive legislation related to economies and social improvement has been hindered in name of disagreement like Goods and services Act, Uniform civil code etc.

Is Disagreement necessary for progress? To be fair, Disagreement  is not crucial for progressive ideas.But  Honest disagreement is necessary to develop critical and rational thinking, which is vital for progress. It creates the base for debate, and through which various issues can be discussed and their positive and negative impact  on various stake holders  like individual, society, environment and economy  can be comprehended more effectively. It also teaches us the quality of non-violence,tolerance and respect for different point of view. It also help us to bridge the gap between majority and minority cultures and religions. It is the quality which makes democracy -a most effective method of governance in multicultural and diverse society. It s the quality which makes, diversity  is an asset for country rather than liability.

At international stage, where unreasonable disagreement is creating the problems of terrorism, migration, racial discrimination. An honest disagreement can help to bring people from different continent and culture to debate over socio-economic and political issues of international importance, which will make globalization more fruitful for every country on globe, rather than biased to some developed and more dominant countries.Therefore, honest disagreement leads to the process which embodies and encourage fruitful discussion rather than open confrontation.

How can one honestly disagree? It is indeed a difficult thing to disagree with an applauded and powerful ideology or action. And it requires lot of courage and logic to be honestly disagree. It is most important thing to notice that, one must be frame his/her argument in this way, so that they seems to disagree with the ideas or action rather than the person who hold them. And most strongest and reasonable disagreement is based on evidences and facts. One has to be a good listener too in order to effectively present their argument.

But, along with courage and logical thinking, it is also necessary to have a conductive environment which give freedom of thinking and expression. In ancient world where monarchy rule was prevalent, hardly anyone could gather  the courage to disagree with rule, if anyone did, the death was the likeliest fate. And it is true even in many dictatorship and autocratic countries and the regions where, terrorism is prevalent in modern days.

However, Persuasive nature of disagreement and collective approach can provide the desired result in longer duration.RajaRam Mohan roy and B.R Ambedkar are the most ideal  example of persuasive disagreement with the that time prevalent social and cultural practices and rituals.They faced lot of difficulties and challenges from dominant groups to do away social stigmas and prejudices of margenalised and discriminated groups of women and Dalits respectively.And result can be seen in progress in form of constitutional and legal safeguards to these groups and social progress in form of more acceptance and equality in social and economic sphere. Disagreement is still there with present situation so as the need of progress.

Disagreement and debate are the instrument to ensure a more progressive society and t help to establish a balance between contradictory interest of various groups and entities. It help bring equality and removal of discrimination based on arbitrary ground. It continuously motivate human being to do better and best and to continue on the path of progress by rectifying past mistakes while carrying own the positive aspects, attributes and traits of our past culture and society.



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